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Princess cut 2.0 ct Platinum Plated Silver Moissnaite Ring
Princess cut 2.0 ct Platinum Plated Silver Moissnaite Ring

Daniella Jewelry

All items in our inventory are certified by Gemological Research Association (GRA) to ensure our quality of products. You can find your gem certificate here:

Princess cut 2.0 ct Platinum Plated Silver Moissnaite Ring


New Arrivals

Designed to showcase the breathtaking brilliance. The sparkling Daniella Moissanite is a prong-set with dazzling diamond side stones. Crafted in our specially designed material, the pendant has a setting with Platinum Plated Silver for more resistance to daily wear. The elegant design of this classic moissanite pendant draws all attention towards the magnificence of the center stone.

size 6: Inner diameter 16.5mm, inner perimeter 51.9mm

size 7: Inner diameter 17.3mm, inner perimeter 54.4mm

size 8: Inner diameter 18.2mm, inner perimeter 57.2mm

Please see the last picture on how to calculate your ring size. 

We also provide a certificate of the Moissanite Diamond and the ring to get you ensured the high quality of products.

Primary Stone Side Stone
Number of Stones: 1 Stone Type: Zircon
Stone Type: Daniella Moissanite
Stone Clarity: VVS1 Setting Information
Stone Color: Diamond White DEF Metal: Platinum Plated Silver
Stone Cutting: perfect
Stone Shape: Princess Cut
Stone Size: 6.5mm Designed in Canada
Carat Weight: 2ct

Carats are the traditional measuring unit of a gem stone's weight. Moissanite weights approximately 10% less than that of a diamond of the same diameter. When describing our Daniella Moissanite gems, we use a diamond equivalent weight to give customers a cognitive size of gemstone size. Our Daniella Moissanite is lab-created. 

Competitive advantage

Moissanite stone has all the advantages of a diamond. And its price is only a few tenths of the price of a South African diamond. It is a good example of inexpensive but fine gem in the jewelry industry.

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