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0.3ct T Letter Band Ring
0.3ct T Letter Band Ring
0.3ct T Letter Band Ring
0.3ct T Letter Band Ring
0.3ct T Letter Band Ring

Daniella Jewelry

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0.3ct T Letter Band Ring


New Arrivals

This T letter shape band ring holds Daniella moissanite gemstones, making it an ideal anniversary or wedding band with a total weight of 0.3 ct it. Lined with sparkling gems, this Daniella Mossianite T hape band ring seamlessly pairs with your halo or solitaire engagement ring. 

size 5.5: Inner diameter 16.3mm, inner perimeter 51mm

size 6: Inner diameter 16.5mm, inner perimeter 52mm

size 6.5: Inner diameter 16.9mm, inner perimeter 53mm

size 7: Inner diameter 17.4mm, inner perimeter 55mm

size 7.5: Inner diameter 17.8mm, inner perimeter 56mm

Primary Stone
Stone Count:  Carat Total Weight: 0.3 ctw
Stone Type: Daniella Moissanite Stone Size: 1.4mm 
Stone Clarity: VVS1
Stone Color: Diamond White DEF Material: Platinum Plated 925 Silver
Stone Cutting: Perfect
Stone Shape: round Designed in Canada

Carats are the traditional measuring unit of a gem stone's weight. Moissanite weights approximately 10% less than that of a diamond of the same diameter. When describing our Daniella Moissanite gems, we use a diamond equivalent weight to give customers a cognitive size of gemstone size. Our Daniella Moissanite is lab-created. 

Competitive advantage

Moissanite stone has all the advantages of a diamond. And its price is only a few tenths of the price of a South African diamond. It is a good example of inexpensive but fine gem in the jewelry industry.

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